Acasi TruPiston-4 Vertical Piston Filler


"NEW" Acasi TruPiston-4-Vert automatic inline vertical piston filler. Features include:

  • The piston movement system is placed in a vertical direction in order to reduce the space occupied by the machine.
  • High-precision, electrically-driven ball screw movement, faster and more precise than pneumatic or air over oil systems.
  • Fill and charge speeds can be better controlled and changes performed at any point of the stroke (i.e., to reduce speed at the end of a fill cycle to avoid splashing).
  • Handles a wide variety of products and product viscosities.
  • Capable of handling breakable particulates up to ¾ in diameter.
  • Reservoir tank mounted directly above rotary valves for direct product feed.
  • Nozzle spacing fully adjustable.
  • Container height adjustment.
  • Nozzle stroke adjustments.
  • Adjustable entry and exit bottle gating cylinders.
  • Works with plastic or glass containers.
  • No change parts needed for various types of containers.
  • Pistons and fill nozzles available in various sizes.
  • Optional sanitary pistons and fittings.
Trupiston-4-Ver Basic Filling Platform
Check Valve Piston For TruPiston From 4.5 Oz To 167 Oz $1,100.00 Ea to $3,700.00 Ea
Rotary Valve Piston For Trupiston From 4.5 Oz To 167 Oz $2,000.00 Ea To $4,600.00 Ea
IBSO Short Nozzle - Pneumatic Tip Drip Free $350.00 Ea
IBSO Bottom-Up Nozzle Pneumatic Tip Drip Free $530.00 Ea
S/S 40 Gallon Standard Height Tank $2,650.00
S/S Conveyor 10' Long X 4.5" Wide $3,550.00