Buchi Mini Spray Dryer, Model B-290


One (1) Unsed Buchi Mini Spray Dryer B-290 Advanced is designed for the quick and gentle drying to powder of liquid end products for wide range of applications in various fields such as pharma, materials, chemistry, food, feed, beverages, etc. It allows working with acids, organic solvents or mixtures of aqueous- and organic solvents safely in combination with the Inert Loop B-295 (Not Included).YOM 2007 Never Used
Functional principle
Step 1 - Heating:Heat the inlet air to the desired temperature (max. 220 °C)
Step 2 - Droplet formation:Two-fluid nozzle for the B-290.
Step 3 - Drying chamber:Conductive heat exchange between drying gas and sample droplets.
Step 4 - Particle collection:Cyclone technology
Step 5 - Outlet filter:Collection of finest particles to protect the user and the environment.
Step 6 - Drying gas: Delivered by aspirator