Kambert Combo Deduster + Metal Detector - SOLD



One (1) used Kambert Combo Deduster + Metal Detector. System features  Kambert Elevating De-Duster that is exclusively designed for in-process manufacturing and is GMP compliant.Inlet height 28"(705mm) to 34"(855mm),outlet height 33"(840mm) to 39"(990mm),all contact parts 316SS non contact parts 304SS. Serial number HSP457DS-10-2420/17. Electrical 110 volts/60Hz.Unit will pair up to Metaltrap HS30 metal detector. and One (1) used Technofour Model Metaltrap HS 30 Metal Detector. This unit is an Eddy current based digital metal detection system designed for detecting metal contamination in tablets / capsules. The HS-30 features intelligent software to detect minute metal particles in addition to phase sensitive detection certified validation samples provided, continuous ON Line self check monitoring system,100 product memory, reject time stamping, built in self diagnostic system on LCD display, validation using prompt, set parameter data retention on loss of power and buzzer and LED indication on detection of metal.