Pure Water - WIFI System


Pure Water - WIFI System Consisting of the Following

 Two Identical Skids designed to produce a nominal flow 0f 8.0 GPM of Purified Water.

Each skid consisting of

     Pretreatment System

  • One PTC-Series Duplex Water Softener System
  • Two Fleck control l valves with raw water bypass
  • 30”OD x 48” High Brine Tank
  • Model 80 Apex Skid
  • 18”OD x 48” Carbon Filter
  • Pretreatment cartridge filter
  • RO Brak Tank 35 gallon SS
  • Grunfos Pump
  • Four reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Continuous Deionization Unit
  • Final Ultraviolet light
  • Final Cartridge Housing
  • Main Control Panel

Product Of Multiple Effect Still for WIFI

Shall produce water at a capacity of 240GPH at 82 degrees C.  Mueller Model P6032-4 shall be a single skid mounted with all function &

control components included.

WFI Storage and Distribution System consisting of

  • WFI 1500 gallon storage tank
  • WFI heated entry filter
  • Hot WFI distribution loop pump
  • Hot WFI distribution return steam heat exchanger
  • WFI distribution loop pump
  • WFI distribution loop feed cooling heating exchanger
  • WFI distribution return steam heating exchanger
  • Control valves
  • Master control panel

Purified Water Storage & Distribution System

consist of feed supply loop to the storage tank, Feed supply to the Distribution Loop

  • PW Storage tank 1500 gallons
  • Storage tank heated filter
  • Storage loop feed pump
  • Distribution loop feed pump
  • Distribution Loop Feed Ultra Violet light
  • Distribution loop return heat exchanger
  • Distribution loop return cooling heat exchanger
  • Control valves
  • Master Control Panel