Stainless Fabricators 2500 Liter Vacuum JKTD, DBL Motion Agitated Processor


One (1) used Stainless Fabricators 2500 liter (650 Gallons) fully jacketed, vacuum rated double motion agitated processor. Tank features 316 stainless steel shell in 7 gauge thickness with # 4 polish, ASME design is rated for 15 psi @ 275 f and rated for vacuum service to 29.92" hg, fully jacketed body in 304 S/S (12 gauge) is rated for steam at 15 psi @ 275 f and cooling water. Tank equipped with full scraper agitator (side walls and bottom) with floating Teflon scrapers is driven by reliance 7.5 horsepower. Motor coupled to Eurodrive gear reducer for final rpm of 30. Counter rotating agitation includes four 14" twin angled blades. Dish top and bottom, 48" vessel id x 95.5" straight side, total capacity 3,048 liters. Vessel includes six top inlets with tri clamp connections 1-3", 4-2", 1-6" with 8 bolt flanged connection, two lifting lugs and a 16" dome top hinged o ring gasketed manway with central sight glass and internal wiper. Tank has a 2" center bottom discharge with flush seating ball valve and 28" floor clearance.  Motors are by reliance and are UL rated for hazardous locations under class 1, groups c & d, class ii, groups E,F & G. Overall dimensions height is 17' x 54" od. Formerly used in branded cosmetic. SOLD