Unused Servolift Ergonomic IBC Blender Pedestal and IBC Clamping System


One (1) unused Servolift Ergonomic IBC Blender. Unit Features stainless steel floor mounted pedestal and IBC support arm with Lid detection system. The support arm is offset at an angle of 30° to the inversion axis. The IBC support arm is U shaped and incorporates hydraulic IBC clamping system. The support arm has four clamp cylinders for clamping the IBC into the blender. IBC clamping arm can handle bins approximately 48” X 48” X 73” height. Maximum load IBC and product 3300 lbs/ 1500 KG./ All clamping is done hydraulically; the hydraulic lines are run through the rotary union in the pedestal and to the hydraulic power pack. A pressure switch indicates that the IBC is properly clamped. The sensors all communicate with the PLC for control interlocking. The control enclosure is mounted in the tech space adjacent to the pedestal, and contains the following, supply 3ph/460VAC/60Hz, power supply 24VDC, Allen Bradley Micrologix-1100 with Ethernet connectivity, VFD Allen Bradley Powerflex-70, main switch and hour meter on door. Explosion-Proof Rating = Class II, Division II.  Operator controls are located on a remote mounted cabinet. Operator station houses control on-off with indicator key switch, E-stop with indicator mushroom button, HMI with status readout; function, fault, etc..  All functions via Allen Bradley PV-550 Touch screen. There are bins, blender stand only. Unit purchase in 2008 and never installed.