Magnum Research Corp. offers a wide variety of specialty chemicals for your cleaning needs. Read on to find a comprehensive list of their products along with brief descriptions of the products’ applications. Contact us for more information.

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Absorbents and Spill Treatments

Capri: A new, highly-effective and entirely different compound for absorbing and controlling the odor of vomit. This granular mineral compound is blended with a sponge-like cellulose fiber and other compounds processing a remarkably high absorptive for vomit, grease, oils, medicines and water.

Imperial: Quickly soaks up and absorbs all liquid deposits from all types of floors. Absorbs oil, grease and water leaving a dry and clean floor.

Mag’s Super Soak: This super absorbent powder is an emergency clean up powder that takes the dirty work out of cleaning up vomit, food spills and other malodor sources.

  • Instantly gels and binds water-based liquid and semi-liquid accidents for quick and easy removal.
  • Instantly deodorizes the accident with a pleasant fragrance
  • Instantly covers the unsightly accident.
  • Biodegradable and safe to flush down toilets and drains.
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic.
  • Easy to store.
  • Conveniently packaged.
  • Non-bleaching – will not affect floor finishes or stain carpeting

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Anti-Clog® #1: Air Conditioner and Refrigeration Drain Pain Maintenance

  • Controls slime build up consequent to drain pan overflows.
  • Controls the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Prevents musty odors from being introduced into air handling units from bacterial slime accumulations.
  • pH neutralizers help to protect pan against corrosion.
  • Easy to use and easy to install.
  • Three-month, 24-hour service life in all climates.

Coil X: Acid based air conditioner cleaner and brightener. Renovates and conditions filters, coils and condensers. Dissolves and suspends soils.

Slime Buster: Air conditioner condensate pan and drain line cleaner and deodorizer – stop clogging before it starts. A truly revolutionary combination of chemicals and deodorizers designed to clean scum, slime and other accumulations. Perfect in air conditioning drain pans and lines, water fountain drains and humidification systems.

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-fuming
  • Economical
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-hazardous
  • No caustics
  • No acids
  • No ozone depleting chemicals
  • Environmentally safe
  • pH neutral

All-Purpose Cleaners

Natural Wonder: A unique multi-purpose enzymatic cleaner. A truly revolutionary, safe and effective formulation to clean most surfaces using nature’s enzymes. It eliminates the use of harsh chemicals. It neutralizes offensive odors and digests proteins and organic type stains.

Neutri Kleen: A concentrated all-purpose neutral cleaner for all general purpose cleaning. Works well in hard or soft, hot or cold water.

Orange Action: Concentrated all-purpose orange scented cleaner and deodorizer for all general cleaning. Contains no soap, free alkali, ammonia, acid or abrasives. Free rinsing and leaves no residue or film.

Spectra Kleen: An all-purpose, concentrated non-caustic water-soluble liquid cleaner and degreaser. Rapidly penetrates and removes dirt, grease, grime, soap scum, stains, soot and light carbon from washable surfaces. This product will work in hot or cold water. Removes light oxidation from painted surfaces. FAA approved.

Spectra Kleen Plus: With D’Limonene is an all-purpose concentrated water-soluble liquid cleaner and degreaser. Rapidly penetrates and removes dirt, grease, grime, soap scum, stains, soot and light carbon from washable surfaces. This product will work in hot or cold water. Removes light oxidation from painted surfaces.

Spectra Kleen II: Non-foaming all-purpose concentrated water-soluble liquid cleaner and degreaser. Rapidly penetrates and removes dirt, grease, grime, soap scum, stains, soot and light carbon from washable surfaces. This product will work in hot or cold water. For pressure washers. Removes light oxidation from painted surfaces.

Spray Kleen: Aerosol – A unique, no-rinsing foam cleaner for counter tops, tables, plastic surfaces, sinks, bathtubs and much more.

Anilox Rolls

Power Soap: Ink remover. Removes hardened ink on ceramic anilox rolls.

Power Soap Plus: Ink remover with D’Limonene. Removes hardened ink on ceramic anilox rolls.


All Brite: Aerosol – Stainless steel cleaner and polish. Surfaces will remain cleaner longer because there is no film for soil to cling to.

B Dress: Aerosol – Belt dressing specially designed to stop belts from slipping. Adds more power, eases strain on bearing and bushings. Stops squealing and lengthens belt life.

Brake Kleen: Aerosol – An excellent brakes and parts cleaner. Designed to remove the most stubborn dirt and grime from all metal surfaces.

Karb Kleen: Aerosol or bulk – Choke and carburetor cleaner. Effectively cleans without disassembly and improves engine performance.

Protect: Aerosol – Battery cleaner and protector that cleans, check and preserves. Penetrates and emulsifies dirt, grease and corrosive deposits.

Q-Start: Aerosol – A compound formulated to get engines running quickly and smoothly without excessive battery drain and damage to engine.

Quick Wax: Aerosol – A multi-purpose wax that safely cleans, polishes and protects appliances, furniture, autos, decorative metal, boats, motorcycles, RVs, airplanes and much more.

Bathroom Care

Bio Kleen: Soft-scented cream cleanser. Polishes, cleans and scours sinks, tile surfaces, toilet bowls, tubs and other hard to clean surfaces. Removes lime deposits, soap crusts, greases and discolorations from ceramic tile and grout. Fast, efficient and economical.

Cherry Flush: A cherry-scented, concentrated liquid deodorant for use in portable toilets. An effective blend of odor controlling chemicals combining a pleasant fragrance with odor destroying action. Contains a very dark blue masking dye for unsightly deposits.

Magna Screen with Block: Urinal screen that cleans and deodorizes with every flush. Flexible plastic screen easily conforms to urinal. Durable anti-splash construction and molded for improved water flow through the unit. 30-day service life. 1,000 to 1,500 flushes. Available in the following fragrances: cherry, floral fresh, spring fresh and apple. (Please specify fragrance when ordering.)

Magna Super Screen with Block: Double size urinal screen cleans and deodorizes with every flush. Flexible plastic screen easily conforms to urinal. Durable anti splash construction and molded for improved water flow through unit. 60-day service life. 2,000 to 2,500 flushes. Available in the following fragrances: cherry, floral fresh, spring fresh, apple. (Please specify fragrance when ordering.)

Pureen: Acid-free toilet bowl and urinal cleaner. Special formulation rids toilet bowls and urinals of
stains and incrustations. Eliminates deposits in traps and pipes. Safe to use on porcelain surfaces.

Scuba Blue: Designed to fit nicely into toilet tanks to help keep them fresh and clean. Carefully measuring just the right amount of blue dye and detergents needed to keep bowls free of stains and odors.

Unibol: A one-piece hydro-activated disposable toilet bowl maintainer. Deodorizes and cleans toilets 24 hours a day, prevents rust stains, non-corrosive and safe for septic tanks.

Unitab Screens: A complete urinal maintainer with screen and block bonded together. Designed to deposit a protective film to keep drains open and free flowing while depositing a mild fresh scent into the air.

Carpet and Upholstery Care

Carpet Care: Scented or unscented carpet and upholstery shampoo and anti-static agent. Designed with foaming detergents with excellent wetting and suspending properties. Contains an anti-static agent for natural and synthetic fibers. Please specify scented or unscented formula.

Citra Solv Gum Remover: The perfect solution for those unsightly gum deposits on floors and carpet. A non freezing formulation that will remove stubborn stuck on gum in just minutes.

Gum Off: Aerosol – Quick freezing, aerosol gum remover that effectively removes even the toughest gum deposits from floors, carpets and furniture.

Lift Off: Aerosol – A unique dry carpet and upholstery spot remover.

Mag 25: A perfect carpet deodorizer that reduces static build up. Can be vacuumed wet or dry without caking. This free-flowing formula is designed for 24-hour coverage and minimal residue build up in carpets.

No Stat: Aerosol – A clean, quick drying, non-staining film that protects carpets and fabric from static build up and reduces dust attraction.


Oil Dry Absorbent Pad: Soak up oil from spills and leaks. 18” x 15” pads. Rapid absorption rate. Can be placed under machines to prevent oil leaks from spreading. Ideal for placement under boat engines to prevent oil from dripping into the bilge.


Citra Solv: An emulsifiable solvent degreaser. This multi-purpose concentrate instantly emulsifies grease, oils and fats without the use of harsh acids, alkalines or petroleum solvents. No harmful vapors.

Mag 44: Heavy duty water-soluble cleaner and degreaser designed as a powerful, biodegradable emulsifier that releases instantaneous chemical action which rapidly penetrates greases, oils, grime and dirt.

Mag 45: Aerosol or bulk – Heavy-duty emulsifiable engine degreaser formulated to be most effective for the removal of oil, motor gum, road film, soil, dirt crusts and grime. This product is easy on painted surfaces. No heat needed.

Mag 300: Ready to use solvent degreaser recommended for removing oil and grease from metallic surfaces, electrical motors and for de-waxing bread-wrapping equipment.

Mag 357: Aerosol or bulk – Non-flammable safety solvent degreaser with a controlled evaporation rate that will not induce moisture into the winding through the cooling effect of a solvent on metals.

MS 6: Non-chlorinated solvent degreaser designed for parts washing and maintains a controlled evaporation.

Odorless Solvent Degreaser: Heavy-duty, odorless solvent degreaser designed with a controlled evaporation rate.

Dish Washing

Big Mac: A unique powder designed for machine dish washing. Dissolves quickly and completely. Leaves no residue and no water spots.

Hand Dish Wash: A mild detergent for hand dish washing. Abundant suds, easy on hands, rinses thoroughly and film free. Use on dishes and other utensils.

Drain Care

Open Up: Alkaline drain opener that keeps drains free and flowing. Non-acid and non-fuming.

Dust Cloth/Mop Treatment and Furniture Polish

Dust Away: A dust mop treatment for dust cloths and dust mops. Hold down dust, dirt and soil. Used in warehouses, plants and offices.

Dust Off: Aerosol – Dust cloth and dust mop treatment formulated to deposit a magnetic reactor deep into a rag, cloth, mop or broom.

Glo Brite: Aerosol – Furniture polish that cleans and restores moisture to wood surfaces. Provides a high luster shine.


Finish: Long lasting, high-gloss metal interlocking floor finish with an extremely light color. It combines the beauty of acrylic, the toughness and flexibility of vinyl and special refracting agents to produce a beautiful, durable and non-yellowing coat.

Forge Con: A clear polyurethane finish with a high gloss and durable shine. Resists chemicals and heavy traffic. Beautifies and preserves concrete and wood floors. Slip resistant and will not yellow. Covers in one coat. Long lasting protection. Excellent coverage: 450 to 600 square feet per gallon.

Liquid Glass: High wear floor finish. Provides extra protection to resilient floors from marks and abrasions, even where other types of finishes have failed. Easy to apply. Slip resistant. Exceptionally buffable. Fast drying. No burnishing required. Unaffected by detergents.

Panel-Kote: Wood cleaner and conditioner. A water soluble acrylic polymer used as a panel coat. Perfect for cleaning and restoring paneling leaving a satin finish and lasting protection.

Renew: A state of the art multi-purpose companion for high-speed floor maintenance. The unique properties of this product are due to its carefully controlled glass transition temperature. In general, this property (Tg) is the temperature at which the coating forms a continuous, clear film.

Super Shine: Floor finish. Produces a high gloss. Excellent resistance to scuffs and black heel marks. Detergent resisting, dries fast and hard, easy to apply and brightens colors. Semi-buffable when applied properly. Covers approximately 400 to 600 square feet per gallon.

Floor Care

Double X: This grade of sweeping compound is properly balanced in its weight to hug the courser types of ordinary wood and cement floors in stores, office buildings, factories and schools. Non-abrasive.

Mag Loc: Metal inter-locked high gloss durable, high solid floor finish. Easy to apply and easy to remove. Resists detergents, scuffs and black heel markings. Buffable when applied properly.

Over: Water-based floor sealant. Great on resilient tile, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, ceramic and concrete flooring. Penetrates into pores and leaves a glossy finish. Seals and protects from grease, snow, salt, mud and other dirt.

Power Soap: A powerful liquid cleaner concentrated detergent that emulsifies soil and grime from  floors and keeps them in suspension for easier cleaning and rinsing.

Scrub A Matic: Concentrated controlled sudsing cleaner designed specifically for the use in automatic machines. Safe on all resilient flooring, terrazzo, concrete and marble. Requires no rinsing and leaves no film. Will not clog or harm scrubbing machines.

Spray N Buff: Designed to remove marks from floors without having to refinish the entire floor. Restores luster.

TFR1: Traffic film remover. Designed to clean grease, oil and dirt on high-traffic surfaces. FAA approved.

Fuel Conditioner

Boost It: A modern concentrated fuel conditioner that is specifically engineered to improve the performance of today’s vehicles. Blended from high performance, specially selected neutrals, acid and sulphur neutralizers.

Glass, Mirror and Window Cleaner

Clear View: Aerosol or bulk – Glass, mirror and window cleaner. Cleans to a perfect shine leaving no streaking marks. Very safe and easy to use.


Mag Lube: Non-melt multi purpose E.P. grease. Excellent anti-wear properties and extra tackifiers. 65 timken load.

Moly Lube: Non-melt E.P. grease fortified with “Moly” friction reducer. 65 timken load.

Safe Guard: High temperature E.P. food grade grease. Fortified with E.P. anti wear, rust and oxidation additives.

Spray Grease: Aerosol – Lubricates to leave a long lasting protective grease that defies friction.

Super Impact: Non-melt extreme pressure grease that can withstand high impact.


Barrier Cream: Aerosol – Skin protection cream that protects from grease, grime, chemicals and paint.

Citra Clean: A grit, waterless hand cleaner that quickly removes tough grime without the use of water. This amazing hand cleaner uses the power of all natural orange peel extracts to lift and remove stubborn dirt and grease. Contains mild grit to help remove stuck on dirt.

Handy: Specially formulated powdered hand soap for the removal of dirt, grease, heavy soil and grime. A small amount of this powder and a little water will get the dirtiest hands clean. Kind to skin.

Rich: A refreshing liquid hand soap compounded from pure coconut oil and other vegetable oils. Rich has the hygienic features of hypo-allergenic products.

Rich Special: A concentrated refreshing liquid hand soap compounded from pure coconut oil and other vegetable oils. Rich has the hygienic features of hypo allergenic products.

Ice Melters

007: Concentrated liquid de-icer. Windshield washer solvent and defroster. Defrosts instantly and penetrates to speed up ice melting. Can also be used on frosted coils, freezer cabinets, and other areas in refrigerators where ice can accumulate.

D-Ice: Aerosol – This de-icing aerosol melts ice on car windows, machinery and equipment. Thaws locks and coats to prevent re-freezing.

Melt Off: Ice melting pellets for winter safety. Melt faster than rock salt. Melts ice and snow instantly. Gives instant traction under car wheels and leaves. No white residue.

Super X: Liquid ice-melt. Harmless to asphalt and concrete, fast chemical action, generates no heat, non corrosive and leaves no white residue.


AB: Aluminum and stainless steel cleaner and brightener.

Bond: Water stop cement. Dry, fast setting hydraulic cement that stops leaks instantly in all type of concrete and masonry.

Clean N Lube: Rust and corrosion preventative that cleans and lubricates in one easy step. Leaves a protective film after solvent evaporation.

Dual Job: Resilient, lightweight, durable latex resurfacing and patching compound. Seals and beautifies walls of concrete, masonry and asbestos shingles.

End Zip: Blended concentrate of specially-selected and cultured bacteria plus enzymes. Available in both powder and liquid form. Conditions drains and cesspools. Digest and liquefies organic wastes.

EP 70: Durable patching system for concrete, steel or wood. Available in both three and four part kits.


Whipp – Powder: A powdered laundry detergent designed to produce an improved low-suds effect for automatic washers. Biodegradable and phosphate free.

Whipp – Liquid: A liquid laundry detergent designed to produce an improved low-suds effect for automatic washers. Biodegradable and phosphate free. Gentle enough to use on fine fabrics.


Cool It: Aerosol – Drilling, cutting and tapping oil designed to be transparent to give visibility to work area. Cools cutting tools for longer life.

Cut Ease: High quality cutting and grinding oil. Highly concentrated for dilution with water. Forms a milky white emulsion that will not gum machine surfaces. Lubricating property acts as a rust preventative.

Displace: Aerosol – Moisture displacement for electrical components. Provides a residual film that inhibits corrosion and prevents electrical discharge.

Food Grade Silicone: Aerosol – Pure, refined, high load, high temperature grease formulated for incidental food contact. Complete food grade.

G Dry: Aerosol – Graphite lubricant that acts like cosmoline and will stop rust on parts in storage.

Gear Lube: Aerosol – Open gear lubricant so superior that it withstands high friction without displacement. The stringiness of this product provides a lasting lubrication and will not throw off or drip. It also prevents rust.

Mag 22: Aerosol or bulk – Silicone lubricant designed to make everything slide and glide more smoothly. This product is easy to apply and 100% active.

Mag 38: Aerosol or bulk – Penetrating oil and lubricant that frees rusted and corroded parts including nuts, bolts, hinges and screws.

Mag’s C&C: Aerosol – Chain and cable lubricant that provides lubricating in hard to reach areas into the core of cables, and readily reaches into chain links and sprockets to prolong life and reduce friction and wear.

Tef Lube: Aerosol – A clean, inert, multi-purpose, dry film lubricant and release agent. Dries to a light Teflon® powder in minutes.


Foam Away: Concentrated liquid, formulated for controlling foam.

Kan Kan: Performs maintenance miracles when thoroughly sprayed inside and outside of garbage trucks, waste transports, garbage cans or any other type of waste container. Quickly and effectively emulsifies grease and grime.

Magnum Marker: Latex field marking paint.

Ozark: Street marking paint in various colors.

Sludge Floc II: Cationic emulsion polymer flocculant for use in water as a sludge dewatering aid.

Super Action: Granular drain and sewer solvent.

Super Ox: Acid based chemical cleaner that removes lime, rust, scale, metal corrosion, excess mortar and concrete.

Odor Control

Deact: Aerosol – The most effective fogger on the market. This specifically formulated product is designed to chemically destroy odors. One-shot, self-emptying can design. Available in the following fragrances: cherry, floral fresh, spring fresh, apple and vanilla. (Please specify fragrance when ordering.) 7-oz. can.

Dry Fresh Up: Aerosol – Hand held 10-oz. can designed to eliminate odors in restroom areas. Special dry formula stays in the air longer with no misty fall out. Safe on fabric and can be sprayed at any angle. Available in the following fragrances: cherry, floral fresh, spring fresh and apple. (Please specify fragrance when ordering.)

Fresh Scent Disc: Environmentally safe, non-toxic, non hazardous and no VOC’s. Perfect for any area where malodors reside: closets, offices, restrooms, locker rooms and animal areas. Available in three sizes and in the following fragrances: cherry, floral fresh, spring fresh and apple. (Please specify fragrance when ordering.)

  • Air driven – does not need batteries.
  • Quick and easy snap-in, snap-out installation.
  • Improved control of fragrance release and intensity.
  • Disc pad is biodegradable and safe to dispose.
  • Attaches to any horizontal or vertical surface.
  • Conforms to California Air Resources Board (CARB).
  • No VOC’s

Fresh Up: Designed to eliminate odors in restroom areas.

Mag 25: A highly effective odor counteracting powder, free flowing to improve surface coverage. Water soluble, non-toxic, non-hazardous. Ideal for use in trash cans, dumpsters, kennels and cigarette urns. Concentrated – 1 oz. per 100 sq. ft.

Mag 85: A most effective combination of fine distilled pine oil and biodegradable surfactants which provide thorough cleansing and deodorizing of problem areas. Heavy cleaning: 8 oz. per gallon water; Medium cleaning: 6 oz. per gallon water; General cleaning: 4 oz. per gallon water.

Mag 85 Super – Super Concentrated: A most effective combination of fine distilled pine oil and biodegradable surfactants that provide thorough cleansing and deodorizing of problem areas.

Mag Mist: Aerosol – Designed with a low VOC-compliant formula. Each 7-oz. can will control odor problems in areas up to 6,000 cu. ft. for a full 30 days when used in conjunction with our Mag Mist Dispenser. Available in the following fragrances: cherry, floral fresh, spring fresh and apple. (Please specify fragrance when ordering.)

Mag Mist Dispenser: This attractive ivory and gray cabinet installs quickly and easily. Spraying intervals are adjustable to 7-15-30 minutes. Uses two D batteries (not included). 1 unit per box.

Odor Buster: Just sprinkle these cherry-scented, super absorbent granules into a dumpster or waste container and odors are eliminated. Formulated with citronella oil, a proven deterrent for flying insects.

Reodorant Liquid™: Water-soluble liquid odor counteractant. The perfect addition to any liquid cleaning job.

  • Versatile: mixes with water and cleaning solutions for use anywhere there is an odor problem.
  • Formulated for long-lasting, institutional strength odor counteraction.
  • Economical concentrate: One to two ounces per gallon.
  • Non-staining when used as directed.
  • Available in the following fragrances: baby powder, cherry and lemon. (Please specify fragrance when ordering.)
  • Non-ionic, non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable.

Smell Away: Odor control granules formulated with para dichlorobenzene designed to eliminate odors just about anywhere. Useful in dumpsters and garbage storing areas where odor and insects can be a problem.

Oven Cleaner

Oven Kleen: Aerosol or bulk – Excellent for cleaning even the dirtiest ovens. Removes stuck on grease and spills. Removes baked on carbon. Lifts dirt from ovens and stoves fast and easy. Phosphate free and biodegradable.

Pharmaceutical Products

Mag 70 Special: An extraordinary combination of effective cleaning agents designed for the complete cleaning of coating pans. Inhibited to protect aluminum and brass parts. Biodegradable.

Pharma Kleen: One-step cleaner and lubricant designed for the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma Kleen is an outstanding, effective rust preventative and water displacing compound for ferrous and non-ferrous substrate. The protective film left on the metal after evaporation of the solvent is ultra thin and highly protective against the corrosive effect of the elements. Pharma Kleen is ideal for cleaning turrets, punch sockets, pressure rolls, weight control adjustments and the storage of parts. Meets FDA requirements.

  • One-step cleaning and lubricating without rinsing.
  • Prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Reduces down time between batches.
  • No clouding or damage to the electrical components.
  • Odorless and clear liquid.

Roof Coatings

Aluminum Asphalt Roof Coating: Roof coating containing aluminum. Easy to apply and ready to use without thinning or heating. Apply with a brush or roller.

Mag Cover #1: Viscous plastic roof cement made of a liquid combination of asphalt and organic and inorganic chemicals blended to adhere to damp surface areas where moisture is a problem.

Mag Cover #2: Fiber roof coatings made of a combination of asphalt, asbestos and oils. Blended with a special process to make a tough elastic material. When applied to a roof it makes a rubber-like covering.

Special Products

Mag Crack Fill: Pourable crack filler for roads and driveways designed as a rubberized asphalt emulsion for narrow cracks in asphaltic surfaces such as parking lots and drives.

Patch It: All weather patching material ready to use and makes concrete and asphalt repair a one-man operation. Repairs instantly and permanently.

Sludge Out: Fuel oil additive designed as a quick acting solvent, effective on all oils from No. 1 through No. 6. Non-explosive safety formulation, non acid and non-corrosive. Rust inhibiting and 100% soluble.

Spray Adhesive: Aerosol – A fast drying adhesive with low wetting action. Bonds and joins like and unlike materials.

Steam Cleaner

Mag 243: Heavy-duty steam cleaner that provides a chemically treated surface that is corrosion resistant and promotes paint binding.


Blitz: A heavy-duty floor stripper that strips the toughest wax, acrylic and polymer finishes in one easy step. No machine necessary.

Strip It: Aerosol or bulk – A heavy duty, fast acting paint, varnish and epoxy remover. Penetrates and removes even multiple layers of paint, carbon deposits, tar and asphalt.

Super Ammo: Ammoniated and highly concentrated for fast cleaning and wax stripping. Produces a film-free and sparkling surface. All-purpose, biodegradable formulations. Also chemically neutralizes malodors at the source.

Super Strip: A highly concentrated liquid floor stripper that mixes with water to remove most finishes. Contains no abrasives to harm your floor. Penetrates, emulsifies and dissolves oxidized layers of wax and finishes.


Acri Seal: Emulsion seal. Preserves and aids in slowing surface deterioration. Rejuvenates the floor and restores the surface to a like new appearance. Recommended for tiles, terrazzo and concrete floors.

Gyro: Blacktop sealer and conditioner. Seals pavement and provides a tight continuous film that resists petroleum solvents as well as water, ice, snow and the actinic rays of the sun. Covers from 60 to 100 feet per gallon. One application can last up to two years depending on traffic.

Magna Seal: Interior/exterior heavy-duty acrylic concrete sealer. Quick drying, non-flammable, non combustible and no solvents. Seals and hardens old as well as new concrete surfaces. Slip resistant and will not yellow. Covers about 400 square feet per gallon.

Under: Undercoat sealer-primer. A water-based, water soluble acrylic polymer used as an undercoat and sealing compound for tiles and composition floors. Seals and prolongs life on resilient tile, linoleum, terrazzo and concrete floors. Non-yellowing and non flammable.

Special Products

RCT Away: Rust corrosion and tarnish remover for iron and steel. Can be applied on vertical surfaces and even overhead.

Remove Tar: Dissolves tar and asphalt on trucks, asphalt spreaders, road machinery, mops, brooms, shovels and equipment.

Vinyl and Rubber Dressing: A water-soluble acrylic polymer used as a vinyl and rubber dressing.

Turf and Grounds Maintenance

Advantage: Matrix non-ionic soil penetrant for complete lateral and downward penetration. Unique, concentrated and scientifically formulated non-ionic surfactant blended to help maintain a deeper root system with denser turf by lateral and downward penetration fighting disease.

Barren: Non-selective herbicide. This liquid weed killer is designed for all vegetation. Kills even the most stubborn types of weeds and healthier grass, shrubs, trees and plants.

Cal Plus: A calcium/nitrogen complex that is 100% soluble. Allows immediate plant uptake through both foliar and root tissue. Concentrated must be diluted.

Chelated Iron: Organic supplement. Helps prevent iron chlorosis in the soil. Created to prevent iron deficiency in soil. Year round use for greener and healthier grass, shrubs, trees and plants.

Micro Nutrient Supplement: Trace elements in soluble form for quick, easy absorption by all living plants, including grass, trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and ornaments.

Organic Soil Conditioner: Non-ionic soil conditioner reduces the surface tension of water to allow faster and deeper penetration into soil. It helps to eliminate soil compaction, dry spots and water run-off.

Trace Coat: Concentrated blue spray pattern indicator. Providing a temporary color pattern to prevent overlap and misapplication of pesticides and fertilizers. Totally water-soluble and easily dissipates.

Vandalism Removers

Off: Aerosol – Vandalism mark remover for removing spray paint, road tar, scuff marks, marker inks, pencil, carbon paper ink, ball point ink, crayons, lipstick and many other oil and solvent base marks and stains.

Water Treatments

Filter Wash: Special formulation of detergents and solvents used to remove dirt, grease and organic debris from air conditioning system filters.

Waxes and Washes

Great: Car wash and wax scientifically blended to deliver a deep clean and a protective wax coating all in one easy application.

Mag 613: A liquid shampoo for cars and trucks. Designed to quickly loosen and float away stuck on dirt, grime and oxidized particles. Produces heavy profuse suds and contains no fats, oils or soaps and leaves no film.

Shine: Concentrated car wash and wax – all in one. Delivers deep cleaning action and a protective wax coating all in one easy application.