ACASI Model ROP1-VIB Single Head ROPP Capper

ACASI Model ROP1-VIB Single Head ROPP Capper


New ACASI Model ROP1-VIB single head ROPP bottle capper with vibratory feeder.  This capper is designed to place and form metal caps on a wide range of containers/enclosures.

Capper features:

  • Machine designed to place and form metal caps on a wide range of containers – enclosures.
  • Price includes one set of change parts (star wheel, outer guide and cap delivery).
  • Acasi ROPP capping head model VA90, manufactured in 304 stainless steel and hardened forming discs.
  • Bottle will pick up cap and the container will be indexed into position.
  • Fully adjustable from 7 inch to 14 inch high containers. (Special configurations available on request).
  • Maximum bottle diameter with 12 pocket star wheel: 4.25 in
  • Maximum bottle diameter with 6 pocket star wheel: 8.00 in
  • Center CAM manufactured in special cam rated plastic material.
  • Automatic start and stop with presence or absence of containers.
  • 12 or 6 pocket center star wheel for container handling (Depends on the size of the container).
  • Jamming clutches with electric signal for shutdown on product jamming (This prevents major damage to parts and minimizes possible spills).
  • 2 Hp Ac motor with frequency drive speed control
  • Stainless steel electric enclosure.
  • Heavy duty 304 Stainless steel welded frame.
  • Stainless steel enclosure with polycarbonate windows and safety switches.
  • All shafts from ¼ to 2.5 inches manufactured in 304 stainless steel.
  • Gear driven transmission machine to avoid timing loss.
  • Complete height adjustment with bottle setting guide for quick changeovers.
  • Tool less changeovers for star wheels and most change parts.

Cap chute features:

  • All contact parts in stainless steel.
  • Designed and tested for each cap to avoid jamming.
  • Includes cap demand sensor to start and stop the cap feeder.
  • Quick change over, since parts are pin guided so no tweaking is required.

Vibratory cap feeder features:

  • Aluminum casting with polyurethane liner to minimizes cap marking-scratching
  • 24 inch diameter feeding disc - ramp assembly.
  • Bad caps rejected mechanically, minimum air usage.
  • Cap by demand controlled by photoelectric sensor.
  • Bowl tooled for one model cap.
  • Adjustable vibration and speed control
  • Heavy duty extra heavy base for better vibration transmission.
  • Sorter mounted on machine, no need for independent height adjustment.
  • Includes filter pressure regulator.
  • Flow controls on all air hoses.

Electric and pneumatic requirements:

  • 220 Volts, 60Hz, 10 Amps.
  • 5 CFM @ 80psi

Floor level cap feeder, features:

  • 4.5 Cubic feet stainless steel hopper.
  • 8 inch wide belt.
  • Cleated belts, 6 inch spacing, 2 inch cleats.
  • L shape conveyor for vertical and horizontal transportation of caps.
  • Swivel to facilitate change over on centrifugal bowl.
  • Speed control.
  • Wired with bowl for shutoff by caps level.



Bottle handling change parts for each additional bottle with same neck finish


Cap chute for additional cap size (price each) up to 120mm

From $2,325 to $3,085

Upgrade for open and close jaws for capping head includes CAM change

$ 3,085

Bottle anti-rotation device by means of pneumatic cylinder, for glass bottles

$ 1,980

Wooden crate for sea or inland transportation

$ 1,110

10 Ft. Conveyor, acetyl chain, 4.5 in. wide, speed control installed in machine


Each additional foot up to a maximum conveyor length of 20 feet


Each additional foot of guide rails