Acasi PI3300 Inline Piston Filler - New


"NEW" ACASI expandable piston bottle filler model PI 3300, automatic inline filling machine (No pistons, nozzles, conveyor or options included) :

Construction features:

304 Stainless steel heavy duty stainless steel welded C frame.
All contact parts are stainless steel, sanitary, Teflon, Viton and hoses per your requirements.
Special seals or hoses by order.
Calibrated guide for fast height changeovers.
Machine mounted on 4 heavy duty casters.
Leveling of machine by 1 inch 304 stainless steel leveling screws.

Control panel features:

Allen Bradley PLC for all bottle filler machine logic functions, special modifications on programs
available for special adaptations.
Three filling options on control panel (Up, Bottom Up and Down)
Front panel conveyor speed control for machine sold with conveyor.
Front panel mounted bottle counter.
Front panel Start and Emergency STOP for easy access.
Front panel nozzle code for changing nozzle quantities.
Fiber optic sensors by Omron standard for container gating.
Expandable to 14, 12 or 10 pistons to increase speed (Depends on piston size)
No bottle no fill PLC controlled.

Main components features:

Piston filling and charging stroke by power full 6 inch bore air cylinder.
Air over oil application on principal air cylinder to create a smooth and constant bottle filling speed.
Main pistons support mounted and guided by Ball profile rails and carriages to create a smooth, silent
and accurate filling and charging movement.
Hardened Stainless steel calibrated shafts with linear bearings for nozzle rack movement smoothness
and durability.
8 inch stroke air cylinder with magnetic sensors for nozzle up and down movement.
Hand wheel and shaft mounted stoppers for height and stroke adjustment.
Hand wheel counter mounted on volume control threaded rod.

Standard features:

Nozzle spacing fully adjustable through top or bottom screw.
Container height adjustment from 1 to 16 inches high.
Nozzle stroke adjustments from 0 to 8 inches.
Entry and exit bottle gating cylinders adjustable, sideways, up and down and inside and outside.
Color coded flow control valve for filling speed.
Will work with plastic or glass containers.
No change of parts needed for various types of containers.
Air filter-regulator and safety lockout valve included.
Spacing and additional bottle control obtained by flow controls mounted on air gating cylinders.

Electric and pneumatic requirements:

110 Volts, 60Hz, 15 Amps.
20 CFM @ 80 p.s.i.

PI-3300 Basic filling machine platform
without nozzles, conveyor, or additional options

Stainless Steel Pistons From 2.5 oz to 34 oz From $1,295.00 each to $1,695.00 each
Sanitary SS Pistons From 2.5 oz to 34 oz From $2,090.00 each to $2,777.00 each
IBSO Short nozzle - Pneumatic tip, drip free $395.00 each
IBSO Bottom-up nozzle Pneumatic tip drip free $595.00 each
Stainless Steel Product Tank From $1,805.00 to $7,735.00
SS 10 Ft.X 4.5 in.wide Conveyor with speed control $3,925.00