Artisan Unused 2 Sq.Ft Thin-film Rototherm Evaporator - SOLD


One (1) never used Artisan 2 sq. ft. Pharmaceutical Grade Rototherm®, 316SS Horizontal Thin-Film Evaporator with cartridge double mechanical shaft seal, baffled SS jacket for liquid heating, insulated process section with seal-welded SS insulation cover, 8” flanged sight glass, 5 HP explosion proof inverter-duty motor. Suitable for installation in a Class 100 clean room, Class 1 Division 2 Groups C&D electrical area. Process wetted surfaces 316L SS with 20 Ra polish and electropolish, tri-clamp and buttweld joints, FDA/USP Class VI EPDM gaskets. Includes variable frequency drive and 304SS support frame. Still in original crate.