Brogli Model MH 20C-2875 Multi-Homo Mixer/ Homogenizer - SOLD


One (1) used Brogli Model MH 20C-2875 Multi-Homo Mixer/ Homogenizer. Features triple motion agitated 26 liter (20 l working/7 gallon), jacketed vessel.Unit is rated for full vacuum/ 0.5 bar (29 psi) internally, jacket rated for 2 bar (58 psi) @ 152 c/306 f, rated are national board stamped on mfg vessel tag. Agitator features dual speeds (hi/lo) on scraper, secondary and homogenizing mixer, multiple top inlets, interior light, on board vacuum pump, e stop, sight glass with internal wiper, mixing bowl powered lift, homogenizer features adjustable stator and deflector plate, mounted on casters. Formerly used in ethical pharmaceutical.