Buchi Mini Spray Dryer, Model B-290 - SOLD



One (1) Used Buchi B290 Mini Spray Dryer System. The Mini Spray Dryer has a integrated two-fluid nozzle Compressed gas (normally air or N2) is used to disperse the liquid body into fine droplets which are subsequently dried in the cylinder.YOM 2008 Comes with two (2) sets of glassware for this dryer.
Functional principle
Step 1 - Heating:Heat the inlet air to the desired temperature (max. 220 °C)
Step 2 - Droplet formation:Two-fluid nozzle for the B-290.
Step 3 - Drying chamber:Conductive heat exchange between drying gas and sample droplets.
Step 4 - Particle collection:Cyclone technology
Step 5 - Outlet filter:Collection of finest particles to protect the user and the environment.
Step 6 - Drying gas: Delivered by aspirator