Capmatic Model Bambino FCL Monoblock Filler/Capper/Labeler - SOLD



One (1) used Capmatic Model Bambino FCL Monoblock Filler/Capper/Labeler. Capmatic’s Bambino is the smallest of its family of multi-task Monoblocks. The Bambino’s low profile is easy to clean and maintain. This filler is capable of filling aqueous, semi-viscous and viscous liquids. As setup, it is capable of filling, capping and labeling 20 VPM. Machine fills by weight and features an automatic eject station. This filler uses a peristaltic pump for high accuracy dispensing. The machine is currently set to fill plastic vials from 0.08ml to 1.54ml fills. The pressure sensitive labeling system relies on a special transporting star wheel system with roller bearing guide to ensure proper positioning of the round bottle into the labeling station and is equipped with a Markem 18 Series programmable thermal transfer printer. Machine was installed but never put into production. Overall dimensions are 104" long X  80" wide X 88" height , weight 1500lbs. Unit is missing peristaltic pump.