Celeros APD 125 Centrifuge SOLD


One (1) used Celeros APD 125 (Automatic Piston Discharge Centrifuge) The Celeros APD-125 has a 5 liter working volume and provides the highest purity, yield, and versatility available in a sanitary industrial centrifuge. It is built to cGMP standards and designed to operate with minimal operator intervention. The APD centrifuge is currently used in the production of a variety of vaccines and other therapeutics. Its versatility enables the same machine to handle a variety of applications including: SOLD

Whole cell separation – Bacterial, fungal, mammalian, insect, et al. Unique ability to handle high density cultures in a single step (tested at up to 50% solids!)

Cell debris removal – after chemical/mechanical lysis or protein precipitation step. Unique ability to separate and discharge inclusion bodies after multiple wash steps

Blood plasma fractionation – optimized for several steps in both warm and cold fractionation processes.

Technical Specifications:

Separation Force                  0 - 20,000 x G

Operating Temperature      -10° to 40° C

Working Bowl Volume           5 liters

*Max Flow                               (water) 7 lpm

Dimensions                            2,600 mm x 1,350 mm x 1,100 mm

Weight                                    (empty) 850 kg

*Actual process flows vary based upon application.