Cremer 24 Lane Electronic Tablet/Capsule Counter- Model 1220-2 - SOLD



One (1) used Cremer Model 1220-2 24 Lane Electronic Tablet/Capsule Counter . This filler features 2- 12 Channel, 3 tray counters, mounted over and integrated with a Dual Lane S/S sanitary conveyor with indexing. Unit is entirely made of Stainless Steel.  Each counter comes with a product hopper, Syntron vibrators which sit under the trays, vacuum pick-off, discharge funnel, and 12 optical counting heads. Unit comes with one control panel, with touch screen which can be set for speed, count, pre count, and vibrator settings, over count detection, container back up, no bottle or no air. Capable of speeds from 75-90 BPM  of 100 count, depending on products.