IKA-Works 400 Liter Emulsifying Mixing System


 Used- IKA-Works 400 Liter Emulsifying Mixing System consisting of: (1) 400 Liter (105 gallon) reactor, 316L stainless steel. 35.43" Diameter x 27.55" straight side, flat open top with a bolt on cover, coned bottom. Internal rated 28 psi at 194 degrees F. 304 Stainless steel dimple jacket rated 50 psi at 250 degrees F. Insulated with 2" mineral wool and stainless steel sheathing. Top entering anchor agitator with side and bottom PTFE wipers and a single mechanical seal, driven by a 5 hp gear motor, approximate output 20 rpm. Openings: top (2) 1" tri-clamp with (2) spray balls, (3) 1-1/2" tri-clamp, 4" sight glass, 8" hand hole with cover: side 1", 2", 6" with an Ika-Works high shear mixer, Model UTE 150, Serial #1859. 8SF Rotor stator, double mechanical seal with a thermosiphon pressure tank, driven by a 15 hp motor; 3" center bottom outlet. Mounted on 3 stainless steel legs, Part #PO11399U, built 2007. Includes an air conditioned control panel with (2) Benshaw variable frequency drives, Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1500, an Automation Direct touch screen, and a Mokon hot oil temperature controller, Model HF469602. 96 Total kW, maximum temperature 600 degrees F. Serial #7003870, built 2007..