IMA Ophthalmic Monoblock Plastic Bottle Filler Model SteriFill F200 - SOLD


One (1) used IMA Ophthalmic Monoblock Plastic Bottle Filler Model Sterifill F200. Filler is equipped with Ozaf RS 800 bottle unscrambler, Ozaf model TS-60 bottle loading, Pre-Feeder model F51 for tips vibratory bowl, Pre-Feeder model F51 for caps vibratory bowl. Machine standard designed to accept L.A.F., R.A.B.S. or isolator. No change parts in a defined vial range thanks to the puck transport system. Unit comes with various types of closing units for rubber stoppers, aluminum flip-off and ROPP caps, tip droppers, dome screw-caps and spray pumps. Capable of 100% in-process control of filled volume and quick size change-over.  IMA Specs: Min diameter ø 14 mm, Max diameter ø 56 mm, Min height 30 mm, Max. height 110 mm. Production speed of the filler: 150 containers per minute(validated at all 3 formats) , unscrambler, closing machine  Comes with change parts for 5 mL (ø21.2±0.2 mm), 10 mL (ø24.1±0.2 mm) and 15 mL (ø25.3±0.2 mm) bottles.