JDA Packaging Equipment Super 30 Automatic Tube Filler - SOLD



One (1) Used JDA Packaging Equipment Super 30 Automatic Tube Filler. This unit features JDA Easyview Touchscreen system, stainless steel construction and components, high response frequency encoder to assure smooth function, variable speed drive system, automatic tube load system with bulk hopper, 316 stainless steel product contact parts, piston filler with bottom up fill and no drip nozzle, fill volume adjust equipped with dial indicator, no tube / no fill sensor, hot air equipped tube sealing system, digital temperature control, crimp jaw equipped with date/lot coder system, metal tube filler equipped with two-fold, three-fold edge or saddle type fold, refrigeration cooling system included [for plastic tube filler only], tube trimmer. Filling Range 5 to 240 ml/larger available, capacity to 2400 tubes per hour, tube length 200 mm max., tube diameter 10 to 50 mm/larger available. Complete with operator safety door system with interlocks, automatic tube ejection system. Voltage 220V/60Hz 3ph, air consumption 6 CFM/80 PSI. Dimensions 76"x40"x76". YEAR MFG: 2013 SERIAL #: 150113