Meheen Monoblock Series M Filler-Crowner-Labeler - SOLD



One (1) used Meheen Monoblock Series M Filler/Crowner with Series ML Labeler. This machine is designed to optimize your limited floor space and turn it into a large scale production zone. Filler is pneumatically powered so there are no motors, gears or bearings to maintain. Filler is equipped with touch screen operating controls which are constantly monitoring and controlling fill rates, counter pressure, CO2 pulse/fobbing and other aspects of your filling process at the touch of a button. Filler equipped with bottle pre-evacuation, controlled pressures and long fill tubes to achieve mean calm pours, low O2 pick-up, and low product loss.The filler provides a consistent, quality product bottle after bottle. The ML-6 filler has 6 heads and is capable of filling up to 40 BPM (2400 BPH) The ML pressure sensitive labeler is capable of speeds of 60 BPM depending on bottle size . Maximum label size 5" height X 12" wide, label spool diameter 9" with a 3" core. Maximum bottle diameter 3". Labeler comes equipped with a programmable Anser Model U2 inkjet coder.System includes CPE Systems C114MD, Portable Pump for Breweries, w/ MaxMotion 1HP Motor, Portable Pump Cart & 25'ft Power Cord.  Machine New in 2015

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