"New" Acasi Trulabeler Model W1 Wraparound P/S Labeler.


One (1) "New" Acasi Trulabeler Model W1 Wraparound Pressure Sensitive Labeler.
• Construction Features:
• Heavy duty 304 stainless steel frame
• Heavy duty casters standard
• No change parts needed for a wide range of containers
• Stepper driven
• Labeling head for wraparound labels placed on round containers
• Maximum label size: 152mm H x 300mm L (6” x 11.8”)
• Rolls wind #4
• Maximum container width: 6”
• Minimum container height: 1/2”
• Conveyor: 10ft long, 4.5” wide acetal chain with speed control installed on labeler control panel
• Electric and pneumatic requirements:
• 120 Volts, Single phase, 50/60Hz, 15 Amps.
• Clear Label Sensor: $685

SJ12 INK JET coder with HP technology (HSA Micron),
suitable for printing alphanumeric data or barcode.
Printing area: max 12,5 mm width, max 100 mm length (only in the un-winding web direction).
Printing resolution: max 300x330 Dpi.
Windows software for label creation, and data transfer via USB drive.
Adjustable bracket, with hand-wheel for label correct positioning.

Video Jet Coder 6230
Clear Label Sensor $735.00
Three Point Turn System $5,225.00