PE Model Modular Plus Rotary Highspeed Pressure Sensitive Labeler


One (1) PE Model Model SM 1420 35 2P 0 2 0 0 0 Rotary Highspeed Pressure Sensitive Labeler. Suitable to handle cylindrical and shaped (rectangular, square, oval and so on) containers, 120mm max diameter. Rounded ergonomic frame for higher safety and accessibility to the operator for change over operations and when the machine is running. This unit is equipped with 35 servo driven cup bases. 2 labeling stations.   Includes Markem SmartLase C350L laser coder system. FT system label reject station. . Machine was built in 2015 and never put into production. Electrical 480Volt/ 3Ph/60Hz/42.4Amps.

Video PE Modular Plus Rotary Highspeed Labeler.