PallayPack Model PC120 Tablet & Capsule Filler- SOLD


One (1) used  PallayPack Pharmacount  Model # PC120 Tablet & Capsule Counter Filler. This unit is a dual Lane 12 channel filler. Capable of speeds up to 6000 TPM, tablet size 4-25mm, capsule Size 00-5, Filler capable of running tablets, capsules, hard and soft gel. Counter features stainless frame construction, stainless product feed hopper with vibrators, product photo eye, hopper photo eye level detection, high definition tablet count sensors, container indexing system, easily removable pre-count  Gates, adjustable gating, stainless floor levelers and vibratory tablet & capsule feed trays. Electrical 120 volts / 60 Hz / 1 phase. Overall dimensions: 47”W x 63”L x 70”H