SmartPac SP 600 Liquid VFFS Towelette Machine


One (1) Used SmartPac SP 600 Liquid VFFS Towelette Machine. This unit has the following specifications, number of lanes 12, maximum film width 1200 millimeters, maximum working width 600 millimeters, maximum film reel diameter 600 millimeters, film core diameter 152 millimeters, minimum sachet width 30 millimeters, sachet length minimum 40 millimeters, maximum 200 millimeters, speed up to 75 cycles per minute = approximately 900 individual sachets per minute, protection rating IP 54. Unit equipped with Servo drive for the sealing station, Servo drive for film transport. Air consumption Dry, oil free air, 3,000 normal liters per minute, working pressure 6 bar, maximum sealing force 40,000 newton. Filling weights paper double fold maximum 2.7 grams, minimum 2.4 grams, Poly double fold maximum 2.55 grams, minimum 2.25 grams, paper single fold maximum 2.05 grams, minimum 1.75 grams, Poly single fold maximum 1.89 grams, minimum 1.59 grams. Double sachets perforation between two sachets cross section execution:  smooth cut Includes towelette tensioner. Maximum web width 46 inches, Kelva No Contact web cleaner, application paper, film, tissue, textile. Anti-static equipment passive carbon fiber discharge. Kelva Ecoflow web cleaning filter unit 12 lane tensioner and folder, Cutting and slicing table (2) sets of 11 blades to feed into 12 lanes, approximately set 58 & 30 millimeters wide Servo driven and includes a Michael Riedel Transformatorenbau Gmbh transformer. Last used product data: Height:  57.15 millimeters, Width:  50.8 millimeters, sealing seam width: 5 (± .2 millimeters), Tissue size (WxL), Unfolded:  55 x 65 millimeters, Folded:  25 x 30 millimeters. approximate machine weight:  5400 kilograms. Electrical 460V/ 60 Hz