Spectra Kleen

Spectra Kleen


All Purpose Water-Based Cleaner/Degreaser
by Magnum Research Corp.

  • Super powerful cleaning agent eliminates even the toughest dirt and grime.
  • Heavy-duty degreasing component penetrates and emulsifies grease.
  • Restores luster of painted surfaces by removing light oxidation.
  • Leaves no residue.
  • Won’t etch glass or affect aluminum.
  • High dilution ratios.
  • Works with hot or cold water.
  • Used on everything from garage floors and shower stalls to fleet vehicles and aircraft.


  • Non-Corrosive
  • USDA Authorized
  • Non-Flammable
  • FAA Approved (AMS#1530)

Available in:

  • 55 gal. drum
  • 35 gal. drum
  • 6 gal. pail
  • Case of six 1 gal. bottles

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