TL Bosch Vial Filling Line-SOLD


One (1) used TL Bosch vial filling line consisting of: Bosch inline vial washer, 20 position, 6 head under carriage wash position alternating air to water, 3 head top wash positions alternating air to water, last position for silicon, with TL systems feed system with 3 basins with waukesha feed pumps, Despatch Depyrogenation tunnerl, approximately 46" wide x 14' long tunnel section, 20' overall length, electrically heated, two zone, 80kw hot zone, 40kw cool zone, 400 C max temp, 350 C max operating temp, 96.2/48.1 amp heaters, 480 volt, with motor VFD controllers, serial# 147271, Garvey Bi Flow filler conveyor, approximately 48" x 96", stainless steel side rails, dc motor with controller, TL Bosch vial filler, model 2700C, stainless steel construction with solid stainless steel top plate, 8 pumps, indexing conveyor, stopper feeder with vibrating bowl stopper feeder, 36" stainless steel accumulation table feeding Mengibar two position tray loader, model TL200, serial# TL29963, integrated Allen Bradley control system with AB 5/25 PLC controls, Panelmate Power Pro screen operator interface, TL Bosch filler serial# 120590.