Uhlmann Model UPS 1 ET Blister Machine With Cartoner- SOLD


One (1) used Uhlmann Model UPS 1 ET Blister Machine. This unit is capable of both thermal and cold forming. Machine complete with an IWKA Cartopac-CPR Model C-100 Cartoner. Blister machine speeds rated capability for thermoform material 20 to 50 cycles / minute, rated capability for cold form material 20 to 25 cycles / minute, blister material web width 190 mm, maximum web index 220mm, pocket depth 12mm, lidding web width 180 mm, lidding roll diameter 300 mm, blister roll diameter 800 mm, dedicated feeder web width 230 mm, dedicated feeder index 160 mm. comes complete with a Gottscho Flexographic Platen Printer.
One (1) used IWKA Cartopac-CPR Model C-100 Blister Cartoner. This machine is capable of speed from 30 to 150 CPM, carton dimensions width 20 to 105 mm, height 15 to 70 mm, length 55 to 185 mm. Cartoner can place 1 to 10 blisters / carton. Machine comes complete with leaflet inserter, leaflet width 75 to 210 mm, leaflet length 105 to 600 mm, leaflet paper weight 40-pound paper.