Pharma Kleen


Unique One-Step Rust and Corrosion Preventative, Cleaner and Lubricant
from Magnum Research Corp.

  • Ideal for turrets, punches, sockets, cam tracks, compression rolls, and scrapers, as well as for preventing rust when storing parts.
  • Specially formulated for pharmaceutical industry use on tablet presses, capsule machines and other equipment
  • Cleans and lubricates in one quick and easy step without the use of water
  • Leaves an ultra-thin, highly protective film that guards against rust and corrosion
  • Reduces down-time between batches
  • Preserves valuable production equipment – no clouding or damage to electrical components
  • Odorless and clear liquid
  • Meets FDA requirements
  • Suitable for plastics

Available in:

  • 55 gal. drum
  • 35 gal. drum
  • 6 gal. pail
  • Case of six 1 gal. bottles

Magnum Research Corp. is a leading manufacturer of specialty industrial chemicals. With a reputation for high quality and manufacturing standards, and a reputation of excellent customer service over 35 years, Magnum Research Corp. provides a complete line of chemical cleaning solutions for a wide array of industries including the pharmaceutical industry. Request a free pharmaceutical sample kit, and we will ship it immediately. We offer a no risk 30-day money back trial.

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